Sustainability first:

Growing indoors means that we can grow pesticide and herbicide-free produce, eliminating any runoff in the growing process.

We believe that the ecosystem needs to rest and recuperate. Our growing fields utilize not just the horizontal field for planting, but the vertical field as well.  By building “up” instead of “out”, we are able to grow enough food for local populations without taking part in the deforestation of this planet.

Our hydroponic irrigation technology allows us to use 90% less water than outdoor industrial farming. Water scarcity is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it is our goal to grow food efficiently in order to alleviate this global crisis.

Fortunately, LED lighting technology is developing at an exponential rate. Lighting efficiency is dramatically increasing while the cost of “green energy” is decreasing. This allows us minimize the energy use that our lights employ. We are devoted to tracking the development of renewable energy and hope that it will become part of our operation as it becomes more attainable.

By growing locally, we are minimizing our use of fossil fuels. We know that global warming must be addressed, and hope that our local initiative will help drive the reduction of fossil fuels in the agricultural industry.